The music struts while the lyrics bristle in “King James,” from Anderson .Paak’s album due in April, “Ventura.” The springy bass line and jazzy chords reach back to the analog exuberance of 1970s Stevie Wonder, and like Wonder, Anderson .Paak fuses an optimistic sound with a spirit of determined resistance, alluding to a jumping over wall, Colin Kaepernick and deep-seated racial hostility. As party whistles blow, an exuberant chorus joins him to sing, “O.K. now, just don’t stay down/Let’s go shake down until we get what we need.” JON PARELES

A conceptual tour-de-force that lands with the force of a dance track, Holly Herndon’s “Eternal” is as propulsive as it is disorienting. She built it with other human singers and with artificial-intelligence software that manipulated her own vocals all over the place. A choir of women’s voices, harmonizing and ricocheting in counterpoint that could be Balkan or extraterrestrial, heaves above a booming drumbeat and bursts of synthesizer, landing hard together and then veering apart, with barely intelligible lyrics that clear for phrases like “too much to be contained.” The video shows Herndon crowned in motion-capture sensors and other women’s faces flickering in and out of focus, as software struggles to digitize and contain the complexities of flesh. PARELES